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Update: Now pursuing our ISO 17025 certification.

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Whitaker Provides the Best in Copper Plating

Whitaker provides the industry's best in copper finishing. We utilize the copper cyanide process, which produces a more consistent quality finish for all applications. Typical applications include plating weld studs, brake and clutch plates, nuts and washers, and a variety of refrigeration components. Plating thicknesses range from a copper flash to more than .002 inch (50 microns) in certain clutch and brake applications.

Copper Plated Brake Pad Back Plates
Barrel Plated Copper Suction Fittings

Whitaker Finishing provides copper plating in both barrel and limited rack applications. Our copper flash plating is also used as a base for subsequent deposits such as nickel and nickel/chrome.

Cyanide copper plating can also be used on steel substrates for prevention of carbon penetration during the heat treat process (heat treat stop-off.) The copper is subsequently stripped off following the heat treat operation prior to further use.

Whitaker Finishing is able to provide copper plating to meet the following specifications:

  • Cyanide Copper Plating
    Cyanide Copper Plating
    AMS 2418F
  • ASTM B734
  • ES81-310
  • GM-4250M
  • GME-00252
  • ISO 4042 C3J
  • MES CG 310D
  • PS-792
  • PS-949
  • PS-4935
  • VW 137 50
  • WX-100 S403
    ASTM B734
    ISO 4042 C3J
    WX-100 S403
    AMS 2418F
    VW 137 50
    MES CG 310D

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Call 419-666-7746 ext.#250 for a Hassle-Free Quote or Fill Out Our On-Line Form