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Update: Now pursuing our ISO 17025 certification.

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Zinc Nickel Plating Services

Whitaker Finishing offers a fully automated alkaline barrel zinc-nickel alloy system for use in a variety of applications and industries where extended corrosion protection is required. Our alkaline system provides a more uniform plating thickness across the highs and lows. Performance can also be enhanced with the addition of post plate topcoats.

Typical applications include weld studs, weld nuts, standard nuts and washers, as well as a variety of metal stampings to name just a few. We presently offer clear and black passivation and a variety of topcoats can be added to provide additional protection. Torque modifiers are available with UV additives if necessary.

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Please contact Whitaker Finishing at  (419) 666-7746 or fill out our on-line form for a quote for your rack zinc nickel plating plating needs.


Zinc Nickel Specifications Include:
Aisin AESTH6532G
ASTM B841-99 ZnNi
BMW GS 90010
Continental ATE N106 61.00
Coupled Products P-501J
Cummins 74052
Dana ES-PS-0619
Dana P-501
DIN 50962
DIN 50979
Flexitech NMR 01001
GMW4700 Non Code "G"
Honda HES D 2003-94
Honda HES D2003-05
Hyundai / Kia MS611-15
Hyundai MS611-15
ISO 4042 P9F
JIS H 0404
Lemforder LMN 50GAL ZnNi
Mazda MES CG310
Mercedes DBL 8451
Nissan M4060
Nissan NES M4060
Tesla TM-0009
Toyota THS6532G
Toyota TSH 6517G / 6531G
Trelleborg TES-1207
TRW TS2-21-108
Volvo 121-00003
Volvo VCS 5737
VW TL244
WSS-M21P44-A1, A4
WSS-M21P51-A1,A2,A3,A5, & A6
YA America YES025
YH America YES025
ZF LMN 50-2
Installed in December - Our Second Fully Automated 48" Barrel Zinc Nickel Line

Alkaline Zinc Nickel Barrel Plated Brackets

Black Zinc Nickel Plating

48” Fully Automated Zinc Nickel Barrel Plating Line 48” Zinc Nickel and 36” Zinc Barrel Plating Lines

Barrel Zinc Nickel


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Call 419-666-7746 ext.#250 for a Hassle-Free Quote or Fill Out Our On-Line Form