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Whitaker Has Been Providing Custom Metal Finishing For More Than 100 Years

Whitaker Finishing, LLC has been in the plating and metal finishing business since 1898. What started as a small shop in a downtown Toledo building has become a specialized metal finishing operation employing more than thirty long term employees. Now located in Northwood, Ohio, Whitaker Finishing continues to offer new processes directed at providing the best value in metal finishing. For more than 100 years we have provided a variety of industries with quality metal finishing. Whitaker builds on its 19th century tradition of old world craftsmanship with the latest in technology and process specialization.

Whitaker is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. We utilize the latest technology in lab testing equipment for quality control monitoring. Our computer based chemical monitoring system insures that bath chemistry is maintained at optimum levels at all times. X-ray and eddy current equipment is used to measure and control plating film thickness within specified tolerances.

We are able to maintain consistently high quality standards with the assistance of our computer driven work order system which contains the exact part specific process and inspection instructions for each customer. This system enables us to do the correct process to the correct specification, every time.

At Whitaker Finishing our capabilities include:

  • Cyanide Copper Plating
  • Zinc
  • Alkaline Zinc Nickel

Please contact Whitaker Finishing at (419) 666-7746 or fill out our online form for a quote for your custom metal finishing needs.